Wit and wisdom
from a wise man

   Next week, next month, tomorrow in the shower or watching TV, some of Brent Tyler's one-liners will return to call like old friends. Share them here.

   Brent was great for passing along good ones, especially if he thought it would make you laugh and at the same time stick a gimlet in your ribs. He was the first one to spring this one on me: Reality is for the weak-minded who can't handle drugs.

— Andrew Barbano

   Being in the sign business, Brent appreciated brevity. The following insults a whole host of special interest groups in one sentance: Nuke the gay commie pinko Iranian whale. E.B. White would be proud. Needless to say, this line came circa 1979 during the Iranian hostage crisis.

— Andrew Barbano

The best damned Republican I ever knew
Andrew Barbano/Daily Sparks Tribune 9-2-2007

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